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Pocket Guitar Ref 1.0

Pocket Guitar Ref 1.0

Pocket Guitar Ref Publisher's Description

Key features:

Includes the most common tunings for guitar. They are:

Name String Notes Standard E EADGBE Open E EBEG#BE E Minor EBEGBE Standard Eb EbAbDbGbBbEb Open A EAEAC#E Standard D DGCFAD Open D DADF#AD Standard Db DbGbBEAbDb Open G DGDGBD Standard C CFBbEbGC G6th DGDGBE Standard B BEADF#B G Wahine DGDF#BD Drop D DADGBE G Major GBDGBD Double Drop D DADGBD Open C CGCGCE D6th DADF#BD C6th CACGCE D6/9 DADF#BE C6th Mauna Loa CGCGAE D Suspended DADGAD Cmaj7/9 CGDGBE Drop Db DbAbDbGbBbEb Cmaj7 (Gabby) CGEGBE C6/9 (Crafty) CGDAEG Cyril C CGEGCE

Four useful operational modes

Chord Discoverer

A free-form mode in which you can click on the fretboard to form your own chords. After each click, the program will try to determine what chord you have formed and displays it in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Chord Plotter

Displays chords according to the selection in each of the note, type and variation fields. Standard Tuning (EADGBE) has the option to use dynamic chord generation (via the Tools menu) or static reference. There are 6 of the most common variations for each chord type stored in an internal reference table. When not in dynamic chord generation mode, the program will use this to reference and display chords. When using dynamic chord generation, the program uses an algorithm to find 50 variations of the chord and allows the user to see those. Only Standard Tuning chords have been put into the internal reference table. All other tunings use dynamic chord generation.


Displays scales according to the selection in the note and type fields.


Displays modes according to the selection in the note and type fields.


Allows you to save specific chords, scales or modes. These favorites are shown for their respective mode. In other words, the favorites you have set for your chords while in Chord mode will not appear when in Scale mode. You are also allowed 10 favorites per tuning in each of the program modes.



Download it here.

Note the demo allows full use of Pocket Guitar Ref for 14 days.

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